Guided Sea Kayak Tours

For those a little more adventurous we can provide guided Sea Kayak tours.  Designed by the innuits to travel distance at speed and carry kit whilst hunting for seals and walrus, sea kayaks are at one with the ocean.  A perfect craft to explore the wonders of the Cornish coastline.  Our guides will help you decide the location and route on the day of the paddle depending on the weather and your preferences - wherever it is you can be sure it will be stunning.  


Safety is paramount and our guides are fully trained and equipped to deal with any emergency.  All trips are satellite tracked and carry GPS and VHF communications.  We offer half day and full day trips; on a half day trip you can expect to be on the water for 2-3 hours and on a full day trip 4-6 hours.  The distance travelled will depend on the fitness and wishes of the group but 25km is achievable on a full day trip, giving lots of opportunity to explore a section of coastline.  Our guides can make every trip as relaxing or as demanding as you wish it to be.


A sea kayak trip with Hook and Paddle will be a memory for life.

Hook and Paddle ethical kayaking




Hook and Paddle supports ethical kayaking.  We aim to leave only footprints and ripples.  We leave no litter and where we can we pick it up when we find it.  We respect and try to avoid disturbing nature, taking away only photos and memories.  Cornwall is a beuatiful place and Hook and Paddle hope you will support us in protecting it.


Half day trip as part of a group - £40

Full day trip as part of a group - £75


Private guiding half day - £120, max group size 4

Private guiding full day - £200, max group size 4


Bespoke trips - please contact us

Extra requirements - picnic, BBQ etc - please contact us


Group discounts available

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